Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Early

Why do all universities offer course registration early in the morning?  Bleary eyed I woke to my alarm this morning and immediately had to enter full-speed-ahead mode.  I signed on to the the struggling AU website, weighed down by the crush of graduate students registerring, it puttered along as if I were on a dial up connection.  I finally arrived at the page where you enter the course numbers, quickly typed them in, then watched over my coffee cup while the wheel spun, determining whether or not I would take US Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East or Analysis of US Foreign Policy in Pakistan.... Peanut observed all this more concerned over the fact she hadn't had breakfast yet, than the potential derailing of my future career in the event I didn't make it into any courses... but nonetheless mirroring my stress in this look she gave my camera -- "we are up early, and something important is delaying my breakfast...."

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