Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midterms Are Upon Us

If you asked Peanut, she would say that midterms are the worst time of year.  They are right up there with January in Vermont when it is negative 15 degrees an ice forms on her whiskers so we rarely go outside.  Midterms mean that we spend all day just as we are pictured above.  Occasionally we will emerge from this pile of knowledge to refill my coffee cup and to step outside for a potty break.  Once outside we stand in the sun blinking back the jumble of letters which had formed words in textbooks but are now imprinted on our eyes forming shadows across our vision.  Peanut makes the most of these brief outings, chasing the squirrels in the back yard, but unfortunately I have to call her back in after just a few blissful moments and she drags her heels all the way back to my bedroom where we settle back into our nest of books.

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